We provide dental treatments with responsibility!

Bio-Medical Waste Management

We follow the state BMW management guidelines.

Collection of waste – In patients’ homes, we dispose of waste in the respective color-coded waste bags & dustbins. We carry a red dustbin for disposing of plastic waste like gloves, a syringe without a needle, suction tip, etc., and a yellow dustbin for infected non-plastic waste like gauge pieces, cotton, etc. The suction waste is collected in a separate yellow bag. The needles/sharps/wires are disposed of in a puncture-proof container and metal & glass waste is disposed of in a cardboard box.

Transport of waste – Waste bags are tied and waste is carried in covered dustbins. Proper segregation of waste at source in designated bins/containers/boxes ensures safe transport without any risk of contamination and harm to those handling/carrying the waste.

Management of waste – BMW is managed along with that our unit n Greater Noida. Waste is kept in the interim storage area, from where it is carried by a third party for final disposal & management. An agreement with the third-party waste management provider is available. All digital records are maintained.

Radiation Safety

We have AERB certification for portable X-ray units.

Our portable X-ray is purchased with a proper invoice. AERB certification is available. The certificate is kept with the x-ray.

Check on exposure levels – We provide a TLD badge to those who shoot the X-ray and maintain records for the same. A lead apron is always carried to control radiation exposure.

Emergency Medical Intervention

Our doctors are trained in providing Basic Life Support (BLS). The DCA is also provided with BLS training. An emergency medical kit is always kept along. A record of expiry is maintained and drugs nearing expiry (within 3 months) are changed.

We also keep a list of emergency contact numbers of hospitals in different areas.