Dental Bee- The Most Advance Home Clinic in Delhi NCR

Dentist at Home

Dental Bee- The Most Advance Home Clinic in Delhi NCR

People often search for dentists near me to know the location of the best dentist. But do you know that there are specialized dental clinics who provide dental treatments at home? Yes, they exist, and Dental Bee is one of the go-to dental service provider for regular dental checkups. All their dental treatments are done at the convenience of your home.

This article will brief you on why Dental Bee is the most advanced clinic serving across Delhi NCR.

Brief history Of ITS Delhi NCR

This clinic has been established in the last 26 years. More than 30 plus experienced and highly professional dentist doctor work here. They are committed to serve around 50 dental treatments that conduct 1,20,000 OPD per year.

Advantages of Dental Bee over other dental clinics

· No traveling time.

· No traveling cost.

· No waiting time.

· Appointment as per your convenience.

· No risk of infection from other patients.

· Experienced Doctors.

· Best in class dental materials & technology.

What treatment do they offer? 

They offer several aesthetic and dental treatments at home. Some of these treatments are:

Root canal treatment 

The tooth has living tissue called the pulp. In severe pain, the dentist removes the infected pulp. This procedure is called root canal treatment. Dental Bee has a team of professional endodontists that make sure that you have painless treatment. 

Scaling and polishing 

If you have a problem with bad breath or halitosis, consult this clinic. Their periodontist team will remove your calculus and plaque from below and above the gingiva or gum level. So that you will not get embarrassed in front of other people due to bad breath.


If you have lost your tooth, then an implant is the best replacement option. Implantologist working here can place even difficult upper posterior implants along with sinus lift procedures.

After the root canal, you have to place the crown. Dentists at Dental Bee offer an affordable range of crowns, and you can choose the crown material according to the budget range and esthetic concern. They also offer an immediate implant option for working people so that they continue their daily office work without getting conscious. 


If you have a third molar and want to remove without travelling to a dental clinic then you can consult Dental Bee to have dental extraction at home. The oral and maxillofacial surgeons here work efficiently to remove all the teeth in a painless manner. They make sure that they discuss the treatment plan, and risk factors with their patients. 

Cosmetic procedure 

If you want to know to change your smile, then consult our skilled cosmetologists here. They will guide us about the latest procedure. They also offer veneers, crown lengthening procedures, and gingivectomy for a smile makeover. In addition, they keep a digital record in form of pictures and Xray’s that you can see the improvement in your smile.


You can have invisible braces, if you have crowding in your teeth but don’t want traditional metal braces. Their orthodontist team has one of the best dentists in Greater Noida. They will inform you about your treatment progress as they go.

Pediatrics Dentistry 

Children often fear dental treatment. But Dental Bee Delhi have a pediatric dentist who can counsel the child and make sure that they have the painless procedure at the convenience of their home. This will erase their fear of visiting a dental clinic as they will be more comfortable at home. Dental Bee has special instruments for children to cater to their fear of injections. They also provide dental certificates to children to remove the fear from children’s minds about dental procedures.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have given you only an outline of some of the services of Dental Bee. You can consult their website for more information or book a dental appointment at home. They reply comprehensively to the query of each patient.