Dentistry at Home Services

Dental Bee

Dental care is not often a priority for many Indians. It’s not surprising, therefore, that a large percentage of the Indian population suffers from oral disorders like periodontal disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer. While the last requires advanced treatment that goes beyond dentistry, the former two and other conditions can be addressed by dental treatment. To help people get the care they need during these pandemic times, a new breed of dental experts is making treatment available to people who would otherwise not have access. They are bringing dental care right to the doorstep of patients through easy on-call bookings, affordable pricing, and access to a range of treatments.

Benefits of At-home Dental Care Services

  • Reducing the need to venture out: With the pandemic still raging on, there’s a crucial need to ensure that stepping out in public is minimized as much as possible. By bringing dental care to the homes of patients, dentists can play a direct role in COVID-19 safety while making sure that people in need of care receive it in a timely manner.
  • Wider patient demographic: Dental services are often not cheap and good dental clinics are not common in rural or hard-to-reach areas. This means that there’s a large chunk of the population that can’t access much-needed care. With home services, dentists can reach a wider demographic and ensure that even patients in far-flung areas get the care they require.
  • Catering to the infirm: Patients who aren’t able to leave the house owing to disabilities miss out on vital dental care. Home service gives them the opportunity to avail care while in the comfort of their home. It also benefits the elderly who are at risk for a number of oral problems like gum disease, tooth loss, and denture-induced stomatitis.
  • Promoting dental health: While oral health is considered a priority in the West, the same can’t really be said in India when compared to general health. Through home service, dentists can drive home the importance of oral care and spread awareness where there is little.

Dental Bee: Providing Dental Care Access during Difficult Times

An initiative of ITS Dental Hospital, Dental Bee delivers doorstep dental service in the Delhi NCR region to people in need. It has successfully treated more than 400 patients, each time strictly following COVID- 19 safety protocols.

By bringing dental care to the homes of patients, it ensures that anyone in the Delhi NCR region who are seeking treatment don’t have to place themselves at risk by venturing out.

100+ Expert Dentists

Dental Bee taps into its extensive pool of more than 100 dentists to provide expert consultation and treatment to patients. They specialize in different treatments, ranging from RCT, scaling and filling to extraction and denture fabrication.

50+ Dental Specialities

With more than 50 dental specialities offered, Dental Bee ensures that patients suffering from different ailments can seek appropriate treatment. Here’s a glimpse of a few:

  • Scaling: Removal of tartar and plaque above and below the gumline. This helps prevents cavities and tooth decay, reduces the risk of gum disease, prevents bad breath, and improves overall dental health.
  • Restoration: Application of fillings to damaged or weakened teeth to improve function, strength, and aesthetics.
  • Root canal treatment: Removal of infected pulp and nerve from the root of a tooth. The area is cleaned and shaped before being filled and sealed. The treatment stops the spread of infection, works to save the teeth, prevents the jawbone from degenerating, and enhances dental health.
  • Crowns and bridges: Prosthetic devices designed to repair and replace missing teeth. While crowns are caps that are attached to the top of damaged teeth, bridges are false teeth that bridge the gap created by missing teeth. They are fixed devices, unlike dentures that can be removed.
  • Teeth whitening: Bleaching agents are used to whiten teeth to several shades brighter. The treatment improves aesthetics and confidence which, in turn, can provide peace of mind.
  • Braces: Wire-based devices that correct crowded and misaligned teeth. They have numerous benefits including reducing speech impairment, grinding of teeth and dental disease, improving the ability to chew, and preventing jawbone erosion, among others.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Dental Bee’s home dentistry service mimics in-office visits, thanks to modern portable dental equipment that makes delivering expert treatment possible. In addition, all dentists and assistants follow strict COVID-19 guidelines for the safety of patients and themselves.

Home dental services, like most home-based care, can often be expensive. However, Dental Bee provides affordable treatments to ensure that as many individuals as possible can avail the services therequire during these uncertain times.