Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and Bridges are solely responsible for fixing missing or damaged teeth. Crown caps a damaged, weak and decayed tooth and help in maintaining the strength of the teeth. It helps in restoring the basic size, shape, and function of the tooth.

BRIDGES are solely used to replace missing teeth. They have two crowns with one on both ends and a bridge of replacement teeth that rests in the gum area where there is a tooth loss.

The crowns at the ends of a bridge can be fused to the existing teeth or dental implants. 

The best way to replace a missing tooth. 

A tooth can be lost due to various reasons like decay, accident, or any sports injury. The best way to replace a single missing tooth is by Dental Implants. The most commonly lost tooth due to accidents and sports injuries are the front ones. Thus, the best front tooth crown is – Zirconia (all Ceramic).


  1. People miss a tooth on various occasions. It could be an accident, sports injury, tooth decay, old age, or lack of oral care. The patient will have to take the trouble to travel at the time of the pandemic. It is certainly a discomfort for elderly people. But what if you don’t have to travel at all? Dental Bee solves all of that by providing all of the complicated dental procedures at home. 
  1. We will carry along all the portable equipment necessary for the treatment of crowns and bridges. All of our instruments are sterilized. After the treatment, all disposable items are removed.
  1. Dental Bee is a clinic run by sound experts who will treat you painlessly with utmost care. Chances are, your treatment will be completed in one sitting.
  1. Being aware of the ongoing pandemic, the dentists make health a priority by wearing a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit while treating patients at home. All the treatment will be done while following strict Covid Protocols.
  1.    The best part is you get dentistry at home.


Dental Crowns come up in different materials. Some of these are:

Porcelain Crown: These are the most popular type of crowns made entirely of porcelain. They are biocompatible which makes them toxic-free. Due to the material, they give out a natural look though they have to be taken care of.

Metal crowns: One of the most commonly used crowns; these crowns are made of metal mostly gold. It’s the metal that makes them stronger enough to withstand biting and chewing, making them durable. Hence, they last longer.

Ceramic Crowns: If one requires a crown that is as strong as a metal one but with less visibility then a Ceramic crown is the answer. Besides being durable, they blend smoothly against the real tooth, making it unnoticeable. They are more suitable for people wishing for aesthetically looking teeth but are less suitable for molars.

Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal: They are kind of metal crowns but with a more aesthetic look. The inside of this crown is made up of metal while the outer portion is made up of porcelain. This material helps in matching with the color of the teeth making it appear natural. Moreover, they are less costly. 




They don’t last for a lifetime. However, depending on the type of Crown used, they can last from 5 to 15 years. Other factors such as the condition of the patient’s teeth and their oral hygiene also come into factorization. 


They certainly cost more than fillings but that is because they are durable and secure against the teeth. Dental Bee provides the best crowns for front teeth. 


A patient will experience no pain at the time of dental crown implantation. This is due to the application of reliable anesthesia at the beginning of the treatment which will numb the area that needs to be treated. The patient may experience some pain and soreness after the anesthesia wears off. It goes away after a few days. 


Yes, an installation of a dental crown is needed after the removal of the pulp in the affected tooth. This is done to provide strength to the tooth as well as fill the cavity after RCT. 

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Dental Bee is here to bridge the gap between dental care solutions and the patients by introducing Doorstep Dentist Service!


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Dental Bee is here to bridge the gap between dental care solutions and the patients by introducing Doorstep Dentist Service!

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