Other Dental Treatments

There are several other dental treatments and advanced procedures available at Dental Bee. These include dental X-Ray, scaling, restoration, and fluoride application.

Dental X-Ray: It is a quick painless radiograph that exposes the patient to a minimal amount of low-level radiation. This dental XRay captures the image of the interior of a patient’s teeth for further diagnosis. They further help in identifying anomalies like cavities, tooth decay, gum infection, and the positioning of the teeth. The procedure hardly takes a minute to complete.

Scaling: Scaling is a common dental procedure used to treat patients suffering from gum disease. Patients often require more than one visit to treat this condition. With Dental Bee, a patient can avoid traveling altogether with teeth scaling at home. It is a deep cleaning procedure that stops the teeth from harming further in case of chronic gum disease.

Restoration: Dental restoration or dental fillings are treatments used to restore the normal functioning of the teeth. They can be classified into direct and indirect filling, depending on the location and size of the teeth. A dental filling is mostly done to fill the cavity of the teeth using gold, silver, or a tooth-colored plastic known as composite resin fillings.

Fluoride Application: Fluoride application exists in the form of a highly concentrated rinse, foam, gel, or varnish. The compound fluoride is useful as it prevents cavities and makes teeth stronger. It also supports tooth enamel and fights bacteria from further damaging the teeth and gums. It is recommended in cases where a patient is at risk from teeth cavities and caries.


1- The patient’s dental treatment is usually a culmination of more than one procedure. Most of these treatments require multiple sittings. One will need to book multiple appointments and spare time from their busy schedule to travel for each sitting. What if you don’t have to travel at all? That’s where Dental Bee comes in. Experience dental treatment at the comfort of your home.

2- We will carry along all the portable equipment necessary for other dental procedures. All of our instruments are sterilized. After the treatment, all disposable items are removed.

3- Dental Bee is a clinic run by sound experts who will treat you painlessly with utmost care.

4- Being aware of the ongoing pandemic, the dentists make health a priority by wearing a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit while treating patients at home. All the treatment will be done while following strict Covid Protocols.

5- The best part is you get dentistry at home.  




The cost varies from one dental procedure to another. It could be one treatment or a combination of treatments, depending on the condition of your teeth, age, etc. Naturally, the cost would be lower for fewer procedures.


Tooth enamel once damaged cannot be restored. The dental restoration treatment aids in covering for the weakened teeth. However, it cannot bring back the lost tooth enamel.

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