Benefits of Dentist at Home

Dental Bee

Your dental check-up is overdue but for the last nearly two years, the thought of stepping into a clinic filled with people leaves you freaked out. You’re not alone. Your health and safety should always come first and if that means postponing your dental care, that’s okay, right? Wrong! Just because you’re antsy about stepping out it doesn’t mean your dental health should suffer. With Dental Bee’s in-home services, you never have to worry about giving up on dental treatments again.

By bringing state-of-the-art equipment, dentists, and COVID-19 safety to your home, you can get the treatment you need, whether it’s fitting braces, undergoing a root canal, getting a dental implant, etc. All the major treatments are provided in the comfort of your home. The best part? They’re affordable and on par with services provided in clinics.

Why at Home Dental Services are the Need of the Hour

They Curb the Spread of Infectious Disease

We’re not going to dive deep into the current scenario we all find ourselves in. Needless to say, the pandemic has turned life upside down and changed the way we do things. That goes for dental care. Where in the past a visit to the dentist was part of life, today it means second-guessing the decision and wondering if it’s best to push it towards another day.

While the pandemic does seem to be slowing down, it no reason not to be on your guard. With at home dental services, you can make an appointment with a dentist, discuss your problem, and have them visit you in your home for treatment. It’s that easy. The entire process is driven by stringent COVID safety regulations so you have nothing to worry about.

They Enable Independence

Not everyone has the luxury of relying on someone to take them to the dentist. Not everyone wants to be dependent either! At home dental treatments allow people to enjoy their independence by giving them back the power. They can book their own virtual consultations, decide on the right time for a visit, and handle whatever follow-up care is necessary. At home services are ideal for people who live alone and people who have hectic schedules and can’t afford to set time aside for trips to the clinic.

They Cater to the Old and Infirm

Teeth are surprisingly strong but they wear out with time and dental issues like gum disease, dental decay, and tooth loss become common with age. They need to be dealt with quickly, however, because they can affect quality of life. They can make eating and drinking a problem and cause older people to miss out on proper nutrition. This, in turn, can affect overall health and leave them prone to illness. At home dental services ensure that the old and infirm, who can’t make it to the dentist, receive proper and timely dental attention. They’ll look and feel better – and smile brighter!

They Deliver Prompt Care to Patients with Dementia

Mental disorders can often interfere with maintaining dental health. In patients with dementia, this can be more so. They may not be able to focus on oral health and may find new environments like dental clinics upsetting. Instead of forcing them to be in those situations, at home services deliver care in familiar, reassuring surroundings with the patients’ family there for support. It also allows dentists to monitor their oral health over time, prescribe medication when needed, and revisit them to perform procedures if necessary.

They Catch Common Dental Issues on Time

During these trying times, non-essential activities are put in the backseat. And while dental health definitely shouldn’t be one of them, it often ranks low on the list of people’s priorities. This gives dental problems a ripe opportunity to develop and get worse. By bringing treatment to patients’ homes, dentists can catch dental issues on time. This means fewer long-term problems, lower costs, and better oral health.

They Make Dental Treatments Easier for Kids

If adults don’t enjoy going to the dentist, you can imagine how kids must feel! The stereotypical white walls and array of instruments can frighten them and make getting treatment difficult. With at home dental treatments, kids can get checked and treated with their parents close by their side. They can have things that comfort them like a soft toy or a blanket. They can listen to their favorite songs or even watch their favorite shows. The reassurance of being at home makes it easier for dentists to do their job
and for kids to receive treatment. A win-win!

Dental Bee’s doorstep dental service provides access to more than 50 dental treatments ranging from scaling and root canal treatment to braces, dentures and restoration. With experienced doctors on hand, all you need to do is book an appointment via phone and select a convenient date and time. The dentist will reach your home on the chosen date, complete with sterilized and portable equipment. Safe and fuss-free.